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Ecstasy & MDMA

Like any psychotropic drug, ecstasy has certain effects, but it is often forgotten that many factors are involved in its development. Besides the composition of the pill and the dosage of the active substances, the atmosphere of the immediate environment and the users themselves - their current mood and their expectations - also have an influence on the effect. Therefore, some people under the influence of ecstasy may want to dance and become more communicative, while others may feel rather heavy and mouthy. But even in the same person, the effects can be very different. Even with identical pill compositions, two pills will never result in an absolutely identical high. Consumers cite the following as pleasantly experienced effects: The sensation of happiness and love, the feeling of relaxation, the feeling of closeness to other people, Ecstasy also has the stimulating effects of the original substance amphetamine: users feel awake and activated. Increased bodily sensations Optical perceptual changes

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