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Nevertheless, the Red Lebanese deserves its own paragraph, because in its original form it has the makings of a "pharmacy breath". As a special variety, it set standards in some ways. Typically, it came in thick rectangular slabs, rounded on the sides, in stamped linen bags. Its color was distinctly reddish brown on the outside, rather lighter olive brown on the inside. The red color is attributed to the harvesting of fully ripe roasted plants withered in the field, hot and strong pressing or processing by hand. The hashish smelled characteristically spicy medicinal. The oil content was relatively high, the consistency creamy. The trip was distinctly euphoric, uplifting without confusing the mind, pleasantly physical, at times aphrodisiac, disinhibiting and humorous, but controllable as needed. The potency was good, though not sensational. "Red" of this legendary quality practically disappeared already since 1983 as a result of the 1982 Lebanon war. After that, mass production of low quality was produced until the early 1990s. Seasonally, so from 2005 to 2007 and from 2013, despite difficult conditions and disputes on the ground, production was always resumed or continued. In Dutch coffeeshops again widespread, the typically mostly moderate to medium qualities have remained a rarity on the German market due to the competition of potent grass and good Marokk.
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