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Promethazine with codeine

Content - 473 ml
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Purple drank (roughly translatable as purple drink) typically consists of prescription (i.e., particularly strong and therefore not available over the counter) cough syrup or tablets containing the ingredients codeine and dextromethorphan or promethazine, carbonated soda, and crumbled candy used to sweeten the drink. In rare cases, alcohol is added, but it can lead to increased nausea or fainting. The result is a "pervasively medicinal-smelling, syrupy drink with an intense, characteristic purple color," which it gets from the cough syrup component. The main active ingredients of purple drank are codeine, contained in the cough syrup or tablets, and promethazine: it produces euphoria and a feeling of anesthesia, perceived as positive, which manifests itself in the slowing down and impairment of motor functions.
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